Workplace Wellness


Inner ergonomics for your workplace

Optimal Posture

Alexander Technique is an educational method which teaches tools of body awareness and improved coordination of movement.

 Optimum Performance

AT has been taught in settings from music & drama conservatories such as Julliard and the Yale School of Drama to companies such as Google to boost performance and prevent injury.

Stress Management

Resetting movement and postural patterns positively affects emotional wellbeing & facilitates greater ease under pressure.


Customized Plans for your workplace

o   1 hour Lunch & Learn presentation offering simple, practical tools to manage tension (max size: full company)

o   Small group class on special topic with hands-on coaching (max size 12)

o  Regular group class on-site for employees building long-term skills (max size 12)

o  30-minute workstation tune-ups, offering guidance on ergonomic set-up and postural coaching (by sign up, billed per hour) 

o  Support executive presence program & build leadership with coaching in posture, body language & public speaking (individual or group format)

o  One-to-one lessons in the Alexander Technique, starter package of 6 lessons or full course of 24* (offered on or off-site, reimbursed by employer) 

*Randomized control trial comparing Alexander Technique lessons, exercise, and massage for chronic and recurrent back pain found long term reduction in pain and reduced impairment in activity one year later for participants who had taken 24 lessons. Participants with 6 lessons still received significant long-term benefit. BMJ 2008;337:a884

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employees build and retain skills over time

“Sarah is a highly skilled listener and teacher with a knack for creative solutions. She is professional, yet warm, and an enthusiastic partner in exploring novel ideas and approaches to wellness. Her Alexander Technique sessions have impacted how I navigate the world on a daily basis and helped me feel more powerful, professional, and comfortable in my skin.” Sam G., Consultant

“Thank goodness for Sarah.  She helped me prepare for a keynote address so that I felt prepared, calm, and centered for my speech.  With techniques drawn from a wide background in stage performance and Alexander technique training, she helped me in all aspects of my presentation, from breathing to using my voice effectively and even where to stand and how to move.  Thanks to Sarah, I received a standing ovation at the end!” Cathy C., Leadership Coach