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What is Alexander Technique?

Habit Change

You stand with natural ease. You react gracefully to stress.  Every word you say counts and every movement conveys polish and professionalism. 

You know this is inside of you, but your journey has obstacles. You try different methods but encounter the same frustrating results. Something stands in your way.

The thing standing in our way is our habits. We react to stress using habitual patterns: physical/ mental/ and emotional.

Systematic progress comes from observing our habits, and knowing how to replace our old habits with newer, healthier ones. This is what you'll learn with the Alexander Technique, a tool to help you in your own journey.

Alexander Technique is not a system of medical treatment, but an educational method which teaches tools of body awareness and improved coordination of movement. This method has helped performers and professionals for over 100 years, in varied settings from Google to Julliard.

The benefits of learning to work with yourself in this new way are most noticeable in changes in posture, reducing tension, lowering overall reactions to stress, and addressing performance anxiety.


how do i start?


An Alexander lesson provides one-on-one attention to you as the student, and is personalized to your particular needs. We'll focus on techniques that can be directly applied to your everyday activities, like working on a computer, driving a car, or playing a musical instrument.

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Are you looking for lasting habit change?

  • Do you have ongoing shoulder, neck, or back tension? Have you tried other methods solve this problem, but as soon as you sit down at your desk, the pain is back?

  • Have you received feedback about wanting to see you show more “leadership presence” or “executive presence” but after attempting to address this, you get the same feedback next quarter?

  • Do you prepare extensively for presentations, but despite knowing your material well, still have discomfort with public speaking?

  • Do you feel like you could be a better performer if you could just “let go” or feel more confident, but you’re just not sure how to get there?

Alexander Technique coaching is knowledge that will empower you to address the root causes of whole-body reactions to stress.

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What students say:

I’ve noticed a big change in the amount of stress I carry—I don’t arrive home exhausted from sitting all day! And when I catch myself tensing up or moving funny, I have tools to turn to that help me address the real problem.
— Laura N., Consultant

Sarah’s instruction helped me from day one. She showed me simple yet profound adjustments to my posture to help with my wrist pain. I feel calmer and more aware of where I hold tension in my body. Sarah’s patient and soothing demeanor really helped me put my learning into practice.
— Elizabeth R., PhD Candidate



I certified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique at Alexander Technique Training in Chicago (ATTiC) under master teacher Daria Okugawa.

This certification process, recognized by the professional organization the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT), is a rigorous, apprenticeship-based program requiring a minimum of 1600 hours of study.

Sarah provides practical, thoughtful tips for self-care that I’ve been able to incorporate as I seek to claim and own my physical presence. She has given me the courage to explore prior events in my life that have affected my physical self and empowered me to find new ways to incorporate that past into a more integrated present and future self. Her intellectual curiosity, gentle touch, and deep knowledge of Alexander Technique make her a very talented guide for anyone seeking the support and the tools to move through the world as an active citizen while making sure that the body, mind, and soul are well cared for along the way.
— Samantha G., consultant



How Do I Start?

No previous experience is necessary! The best way of learning what Alexander Technique is like and if you will enjoy it is by scheduling a lesson. I will get to know your interests and concerns and customize the instruction to your needs.