Contact me to inquire about a group rate for your workplace or organization.  I can also present topics in a seminar format for groups, that will still allow hands-on attention to each individual. Special rates available for non-profits! 

Pain-free Sitting 

Sitting comfortably is one of the most popular topics studied in the Alexander Technique. Learn self-care techniques and ways to manage tension while working at your desk, especially if you are a frequent computer user. 

Lessons are 50 minutes and will get you covered on the basics of sitting with ease. Package also includes a half-hour visit to your office/ workspace to help make adjustments. 

5 lesson package: $350.

10 lesson package $700.


Executive Presence for Women in Business


Learn to present yourself in a way that is authentic to you. 

Topics covered are your choice, but may include: speaking dynamically and finding your authentic voice, reacting to stressful situations, sitting and standing with poise, staying balanced wearing high heels, coaching for presentations. Includes bonus 30-minute coaching to use within the year for an upcoming presentation. Itemized pricing available. 

5 lesson package: $350

10 lesson package: $700 


Pregnancy & Parenthood


Pregnancy is a wonderful time to increase body awareness. Your growing baby bump will pull your weight forward -  Alexander Technique will help you learn to adjust your posture and balance to take the pressure off your back and to walk without "pregnancy waddle." You will learn to align your body to "carry" your growing baby more easily and alleviate common discomforts such as back pain and sciatica. Learn to breathe more freely for relaxation and labor preparation. These self-care tools will carry you through the transitions of birth and new parenthood. 

 In-home instruction available. 

5 lesson package: $350

10 lesson package: $700 

Includes a bonus 30-minute postpartum session.