How Do I Start?

No previous experience is necessary! The best way of learning what Alexander Technique is like and if you will enjoy it is by scheduling a lesson. I will get to know your interests and concerns and customize the instruction to your needs - whether you have concerns about previous injuries or would like to learn how to do your favorite activities with more ease!

What happens in an Alexander lesson? 

An Alexander lesson provides one-on-one attention to you as the student, and is personalized to your particular needs. I will guide you through simple movements, using my hands to help you become conscious of your unique physical patterns. I will guide you in releasing sources of tension and organizing yourself for better alignment and balance. We will apply the concepts you learn in the Technique to your everyday activities, such as computer work, driving, or playing a musical instrument. 

You may feel better as you learn to use your body in a new way. Most students feel a sense of freedom and lightness in the body as well as feeling more calm and focused overall.  

However, please note: Alexander lessons are not a substitute for consulting a trained medical professional. 


How many lessons do I need?

Because we are reinforcing new habits, it is important that the beginning student of the Alexander Technique take their lessons regularly—once or twice weekly.

A course of 5-10 lessons is recommended to start learning the basic concepts of the Technique and begin applying them. However, like learning a musical instrument or a foreign language, continuing lessons for a longer period allows a student to study more in-depth. Many students find ongoing weekly lessons to be a valuable part of their self-care practice.


What should I expect?

Lessons are 50 minutes in length. You will work seated, lying down, and in activity, so please wear clothing you can move in and feel comfortable. 



Classes are held at Core Chicago Pilates at 2549 N. Racine Ave. (Lincoln Park/ DePaul Area.)


Booking a Lesson


Private Lessons in Lincoln Park are available during the following times, and are booked in one hour slots for a 50 minute lesson. Please see Schedule Online to request a time slot, or inquire by email (LearnAlexanderChicago@gmail.com) or phone (872-228-7609). 

In order to schedule a workshop for a small group at your location, please inquire directly. 



Regular lesson fee is $70. Sliding scale available upon request for students/ artists/ those in financial need. Packages also available at a discount. Please note this when scheduling your lesson. Cancellations require 24 hours notice.